Thursday, March 29, 2012


In 2007 USAR, Inc. participated in the Yazzi Family building project with Extreme Makeover Home Edition. For the project USAR contributed decorative rock for the landscaping around the home.

"For the past five years the Yazzie family have been living in a mobile home that has no running water or heat, and only half the trailer with functioning electricity. Seeing that his family's mobile home had no heat, at 13 years of age, son Garrett tapped his scientific intuition to create a solar heater and a water heater. To create these, he used recycled materials, including an old car transmission and 69 aluminum cans, combining them with power generated from the sun. Garrett's makeshift heating system followed the Navajo principles of living off the land, not wasting anything and recycling everything that the earth has to offer. For his invention, he became the first Navajo to win 9 out of the 10 Discovery Channel Young Scientist Awards."

From the VP of Construction:
"On behalf of Homelife Communities and its entire team I wanted to say a huge thank you for your efforts and donations that helped to make Extreme Home Makeover Project 425 a big success.  Challenged by an incredibly remote location and some pretty miserable weather every one of you made the impossible happen.   A four day demo / build that I couldn’t have dreamed would go as smoothly as it did.  The crew from ABC commented to me on several occasions that they could not believe how well the project was going.  I argued that I felt like it was a bit of a melee and their comments back were “this is not even close to the disorganization and flawed execution that we have seen in past builds.”   I thank each of you for thinking each and every variable through in your minds prior to arriving on site to perform.  Now looking back I agree completely with the folks from ABC, never were we more than an hour or two behind schedule and more commonly we ran ahead of schedule, everyone showed on time to perform and completed sooner or very close to the allotted timeframes.  Many of you missed the opportunities to see the family and better understand why we were all doing such a crazy thing.  The day of the door knock was incredibly emotional seeing the family’s reaction to being selected.  It was a bit of a tear jerker but it sealed the deal for me when I saw it and it made everything we were about to do worthwhile.  The day of the reveal was similar when the buss moved and the entire family started crying and thanked everyone that had come together to be a part of the build.  It should make each one of you very proud to have been a critical part in this family realizing a dream.  We have over a hundred hours of behind the scenes footage that we shot and a bunch of individual interviews with many of the participants.  We look forward to gathering in the very near future for a celebration of our success and a look back with some the footage being shown from the build.  Information regarding the after build party will be forthcoming and we hope each of you can make yourselves available to attend.

My hat’s off to each and every one of you for an outstanding job!!!!

USAR, Inc. believes in self-sustainability. Solar Power and other alternative methods of power will be implemented in our projects whenever possible. We also believe in giving back to the communities where we operate and environmental stewardship. Here are just a few ways we intend to uphold our responsibility:

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